A lua wrapper around the libfort library.


  • No external libraries required
  • Tiny implementation
    • Easy to integrate into an embedded lua environment
  • Resizes cells to content of tables
  • Cusomization of Appearance
    • Text colors
    • Border style
    • Background style
  • Different Methods of filling in the formatted table
  • UTF-8 support*
    • Handles all utf8 characters as 1-width for simplicity

The fort module directly maps the API from c to lua with the FT_/ft_ prefixes.

* libfort treats all UTF-8 as 1 codepoint will occupy one position by default. lua-fort does not not currently support the libfort callback to determine presentation length

Differences from libfort

  • No wchar support (Not needed for lua)
  • ft_printf/ft_printf_ln aren’t used directly.
    • lua’s string.format method is used to do formatting
    • String splitting on column separator is done in lua
  • all functions are utf8 compatible


There are a few things that I would like to add with lua fort. This list is in chronological order.

  • [x] lua ≥ 5.1 support
  • [x] CI testing across versions
  • [x] Documentation site
  • [x] UTF-8 support
  • [x] Unit testing
  • [x] Examples (from libfort)
  • [x] First release on luarocks
  • [ ] Detailed usage documentation
  • [ ] Stronger unit testing
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